Your home page is a very critical area of the website. Search engines give value to high quality and relevant links and content.  From the point of view of search engines, the home page is referred to as the primary page and entrance of the website.

So, it is required to include relevant, valuable, and high-quality content. Tweaking and testing headlines, bold text, keyword combinations, and even the home page design will help you form an impressive home page design.

What are the most common forms of entrance pages?

Other than home page, there can be other three types of entrance pages that a website can have.

  • Blog Posts
  • Services Page
  • About Page

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Things that you need to evaluate in your website

To make an impressive website, it is important to evaluate the condition of the website from the eyes of the new visitor. Analyze the website as if it is the first time you are viewing a webpage.

It is important to remember that for most of the new visitors, who are coming from social media websites, your home webpage is not the primary page that they visit. So, ensure that the significant information they are searching for is convenient to find irrespective of where they are.

  • Is it easy to find contact information on the website?
  • Is it quite obvious whose website this is?
  • Is it quite clear what a business does and specializes in?
  • Is it clear what kind of services it offers?
  • Is it inviting and welcoming?
  • Is it convenient to navigate via the website and locate information?
  • Do all the opt-ins, forms, buttons and links work properly?

Tips to design an entrance point of a website

  • Don’t make a website visitor to read any introduction before allowing them to shop
  • Make the shopping procedure smooth, simple and as straight forward as it can be
  • Design a well-organized and clear navigation menu
  • Design a landing page that attracts people and takes them through the entrance point


If you really wish to get benefitted from top organic rankings on search engine, then a business has to put a lot of effort into the home page. All these tips will help you with a home page that can get you remarkable gains.