After creating a website for your business, there are many things to understand. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of these. Most people may think that SEO is simply a set of tricks that can be used for making a site rank higher in search engine results. But, SEO falls into the following categories:

SEO that Adheres to Regulations

This type of SEO adheres to the regulations of Google and delivers results over time. Although white hat SEO takes time to deliver the desired results, the business will enjoy compounded results. White hat SEO concentrates on creating quality content. It is focused on the audience and what they respond to. It helps businesses attract loyal repeat traffic. Also, it includes working on the local listings. Publishing correct and consistent information online will help boost rankings. A reputable seo service company practices white hat SEO.

SEO that Uses Tricks

Black hat SEO is focused on tactics used for tricking search engines into thinking a website has quality content. While it may get the results desired, it is generally breaking the policies published in Google Webmaster Guidelines. Keyword stuffing is one of the most common black hat SEO tactics that can get a site banned from search results.

SEO that Uses Ill-Defined Techniques

This kind of SEO is the practice of using techniques that remain ill-defined by published material that comes out of Google. Although it is not necessarily breaking any rules, it is not the best SEO to adopt.

SEO that Intentionally Hurts Competitors

Negative SEO is the practice of using black hat techniques to intentionally sabotage the website of a competitor. This technique can include hacking a site, creating fake social profiles, copying proprietary content and distributing it, as well as adding spammy links to reviews or comments. Website owners that want to learn how to avoid being targeted by negative SEO should consult with an SEO expert.