COVID-19 has brought its severe impact on all aspects of life worldwide. Digital Services and Clover help Fiserv Inc. return to growth to recover from the impact caused by COVID-19. To know more about Fiserv and discover a reliable and low-cost digital services merchant account, keep on reading this post.

Fiserv Returning to Growth

This summer has been full of events for Fiserv Inc., one of the world’s top provider of payments and financial services technology solutions. Fiserv Inc. is providing equipment for financial institutions to help them improve the evaluation and planning for risks in today’s operating environment. The company’s robust solution for real-time forecasting and budgeting is the very guarantee for this.

The recession caused by COVID-19 brought its impact on the company, but it’s regaining its footing, as top executives have already mentioned. By the way, Fiserv, Inc. is offering a new program to help small businesses having felt the impact of COVID-19 now get access to critical resources.

The rise in online orders has changed everything. Fiserv, Inc. has recently added additional features to its Clover POS (point-of-sale) platform. This way, restaurants get an opportunity to connect with their customers while offering a streamlined fulfillment of online orders.

Small Businesses in the U.S.: Digital Services Merchant Account

The U.S. Small Business Administration has reported that small businesses account for 46% of the U.S. GDP. When it comes to businesses with less than 20 employees, these represent almost 90% of businesses across the nation.

In the current challenging times, it’s become even more important for businesses to work with a true payment specialist that can help overcome the existing financial challenges. This is more than possible if you work with a trustworthy merchant processing company that guarantees the most suitable payment processing services such as a digital services merchant account for your own business.

According to Frank Bisignano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fiserv, the company has proudly provided technology and payment solutions services for millions of small businesses with over 30 years. Fiserv is committed to helping this vitally important segment of the economy get stronger.

So, it’s too important for financial institutions to have real-time access to accurate forecasting and budgeting data that can help them effectively address the rapidly changing market conditions. Fiserv Inc. is returning to growth to provide better solutions for this purpose.

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