Copper Round Bar is used in applications where corrosion resistant and malleability are required. Copper has a great impact resistance and it bends rather than crack under pressure. This quality makes it applicable for specific applications. The strength is medium, but it has a very high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Due to these properties it is used extensively in applications where the tensile strength is not the primary factor. Copper round bar is also non-magnetic. The use of copper is seen in the marine and seawater applications where the possibility of organic deposition is high. Sea water and salt water organisms could accumulate on structures under water. Due to the specific nature of copper, they don’t accumulate on copper.

For this reason, the seawater pipes and desalinization plant use copper pipes to avoid this trouble. There are different shapes of the copper bar such as the copper flat bar, hexagon bar and square bar. Each type has its own specific application. Copper is used in electrical and communication applications due to its high electric conductivity. Depending on the nature of the application, the strength of the copper material could be derived to the desired standards. There are some pure copper grades as well. The c110 grade is the purest of them all. It contains 99.99% copper and other elements in trace quantities. Therefore the price of c110 copper round bar is high compared to others. Recently, copper is being replaced with composed material due to the finite nature of copper reserves and environmental concerns.